Pangan: Proxy war

THE UNITED STATES and its allies may be staging a proxy war in Ukraine. This, as it and its western allies, prepare to send the embattled country several tasks in order to level the playing field in the war in that former Soviet republic.

The US is reportedly sending 30 Abrams tanks while Germany, after so much prodding, is ready to give at least 80 of its dreaded Leopard 2 tanks, a far superior machine which would give the Russian troops a big problem.

Some observers believe that this huge shipment of military hardware to Ukraine might be construed by Russia and its allies China and North Korea as an open declaration of war and might lead to, God forbid! a disastrous world war III.

As we all know, China and company have been itching to confront the United States and allies militarily. If this happens, the consequences on our lives would be detrimental, if not total annihilation. As much as possible, therefore, we hope to stave off any motivation to start a world war.

US President Joe Biden must have very compelling reasons for his unconditional support of Ukraine. He has so far sent billions of dollars worth of military supplies to the war-torn country.

As it is now, contending countries are showing off their respective military might and bluff. Payabangan ba. It is the least developed countries who may be at the receiving end of their boasts and the most vulnerable incase the world war comes to a boil and the most feared confrontation between the US and allies on one hand and China, North Korea and Iran on the other, finally fight it out in a very horrible world war.

* * *

From an international television network news about the heightened tension between the United States and China et al are heating up which may lead to a military confrontation in 2025.

This, coupled with the quarrel of Israel and the Palestinions at the Gaza region may lead to bitter confrontation and, if not timely abated may lead top the unnecessary albeit dangerous confrontation.

All the previous conflicts started from minor misunderstandings but due to irrational behavior of leaders, led to serious armed conflicts. The consequences of a world war cannot be far behind.


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