Pangan: The future of AI-generated content

IN OUR presence today are robotics and robots and, especially, we are amazed and fascinated by their new discoveries and inventions eclipsing any other apps in vogue.

Sideline observers say that inventions must keep apace with fast-,moving time in order to hugely improve the living conditions of humans.

In a few years time, cellphone units, with varying prices, may no longer be fashionable or usable as the SIM card may now be used along as a communicating device albeit a tiny one. Katakataka, you might say, but it will happen soon so we will discard the expensive units altogether. SIM card na lang. Ayayay!

We contemplate on the emergence of artificial intelligence to dictate on how we act, behave and plan. I have seen footage on television where a man dictated his thoughts and his app composed a letter.

What is artificial intelligence? According to Manila Times columnist Jorge Mojares, artificial intelligence is an emerging technology that is equally changing the way humans live and interact with the world.

He furthered: AI systems are being used in various applications, ranging from medical diagnosis to autonomous (?) vehicles, and in many cases, outperforming humans in terms of speed, accuracy and efficiency. He cites other advantages of AI, viz: it is able to process large amounts of data and identify patterns and trends that are difficult for humans to detect; able to qualify to changes in data and AI systems can improve over time as they process more data and experience difficult situations.

* * *

All these said, the excellent human brain is still far superior than Artificial Intelligence as far as making difficult decisions on certain matters and issues.

Like the machines which are operated by humans, AI can still bend out at the behest of the human brain.

Since it is still in infancy, more tests are needed to prove that AI can be a replacement for the human brain for various tasks.

AI has yet to be clinically proven to take over the humans on fulfilling tasks needed for their daily existence.


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