Sangil: The Septage Issue

There’s money, big money as a matter of fact on water business. No wonder, the Ayalas, Manny Pangilinan , Pamana of Lucio Co, Prime Water of the Villars and many other small players like Tito Panlilio of Balibago Water Works, Sinukuwan of the the late Fil Del Rosario and Allam Kahil are bidding one another to be service providers of towns and cities. Maybe they calculated that someday the taps will run dry. Climate change maybe the villain here.

Now it comes to mind the privatization of many water districts in Pampanga. Guagua, San Fernando, Mabalacat City, Porac, Arayat and few other cities and towns which negotiated with the Villar owned Prime Water for their privatization. Though the local boards are saying it’s joint venture to soften public criticism, the unsatisfied customers are saying it is more of a sellout. There must be millions and millions of reasons why the so-called Joint Venture Agreement(JVA). Well, it’s all academic now. It’s water under the bridge, if I may add.

There’s one issue though which I presume many of the homeowners and business establishments owners are searching for answer, and this is the septage issue. Under the Clean Water Act ( which was contested and reached even the Supreme Court and a mandamus was issued) all households and establishments should subject their septages for desludge, cleaning and treatment by a service provider. In Angeles City for example by virtue of a council ordinance, it would appear the guidelines favored Soliman E.C. Tank Disposal. Now don’t be surprised if your water monthly bill there’s an added cost. In that ordinance, water districts and private water utilities were designated to serve as the collecting arm of septage fees.

Water is a problem everywhere. For example, in Clark Freeport more companies, housing subdivisions, banks, schools,casinos, food chains, industrial park and golf courses grew in number inside Clark Freeport. All of which consume on a 24 hour basis large volume of water. In a study, it showed that Clark Freeport today consume more thousands and thousands of cubic meters per day, the total output of the service provider. I am sure the water situation in the Freeport will have some impact on the adjacent communities like Angeles and Mabalacat.

Of course everyone knows that we pumped water from the ground. We really don't know who and how they measure the aquifer. If Clark and the adjacent communities with their respective water districts pump water from the ground and retail to thousands of households with hefty profit,the question is if they have alternative plans in case there will be a drying up.

Let’s give thanks to Renato ‘Abong’ Tayag , a conservationist. He initiated a project concept called the Sapang Bato Watershed Area. Angeles City Mayor Carmelo’Pogi’ Lazatin is giving its unqualified support. The Rotary Club of Angeles, Pampanga Press Club, Angeles City Water District and other NGOs are fully supporting the project. It can be planned as a watershed that can be tapped as a source of bulk water. The location is in the area of Barangay Sapangbato, western portion of Clark Freeport.


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