Our Blessed Mother urges faithful to use sacramentals

Our Blessed Mother urges faithful to use sacramentals

Will the Vatican censor by next week all old and new dire prophecies from Catholic mystics? Will, therefore, this column be covered by such censorship?

Controversial Cardinal Victor Manuel Fernandez, who is the Prefect of the Vatican’s Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, has announced that Vatican will publish on May 17 a new document “discerning Marian apparitions and there supernatural events.”

The issuance of the publication will be livestreamed in a Vatican press conference. Already, there has been speculation that the publication, purportedly pushed by Fernandez himself, would downplay, if not virtually abrogate all dire prophecies which now fill messages being received from Heaven by credible Catholic mystics. The publication would reportedly underscore only God’s Love, with total abrogation of God’s Justice.

My view is that this censorship would be ideal for the entry of the Antichrist. It’s fentanyl for hedonism. It would be, in effect, an abolition of hell.

But let’s pray this will not be the case. Perhaps not. And so we focus on the Vatican on May 17.

This, even as it is to be emphasized that the faithful are under no obligation to believe private revelations, although it would certainly be of benefit to anyone to be uplifted in various ways from the messages and manifestations in authentic post-Gospel supernatural interventions.

Meanwhile, messages from Heaven continue to pour for mankind through good Catholic mystics. Pedro Regis received another one from Our Blessed Mother on April 30, 2024 as follows:

“Dear children, seek the Lord who loves you and awaits you with open arms. Take care of your spiritual life and do not forget: you are in the world, but you are not of the world. Do not reject the treasures of God.

“Approach the sacrament of confession and seek the mercy of my Jesus. Nourish yourselves with the Precious Food of the Eucharist. The day will come when many will seek the Eucharist and will not find it.

“Great persecution will come to the Church of My Jesus and many consecrated people will be prevented from carrying out their functions. I suffer because of what happens to you.

“Pray. Do not live far from prayer. When you are away, you become the target of God’s enemy. Give me your hands and I will lead you to my Son Jesus. Onward in defense of the truth! This is the message that I give you today in the name of the Most Holy Trinity. Thank you for having allowed me to gather you here once more. I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Be at peace.”

Also from Our Blessed Mother, third-degree Augustinian stigmatist received the following message on April 25, 2024 (as officially translated with capitals kept as released):

“Beloved children: WITHIN EACH OF YOU, IN THESE MOMENTS MY LOVE IS TAKING ROOT IN THE HEART OF EACH PERSON in order to soften you, because in order to walk attentively towards the final goal of meeting My Divine Son, you must have a ‘heart of flesh’ so that you would be obedient to the Calls and Teachings of My Divine Son, which are necessary at this moment so that you would emerge victorious from all the trials that you are going to face - not only as a generation, but as children of My Divine Son on a personal level.

“My Children, the Father’s House, by Divine Will, has sent you all the medicines of nature that are necessary and effective against the diseases that will appear again. When you apply them, the effect will arise from the faith that a person has in Heaven’s Word.

“If your faith is nil, My child, you will not be able to heal yourself with what the Father's House has sent to you for combatting unknown diseases. If however your faith is infinite, if you have minimal faith, if your faith is great, children, faith will save you and I will say to you: ‘faith has saved you.’

“GROW IN FAITH, FOR FAITH MOVES MOUNTAINS: grow spiritually and do not be so concerned with material things. Prepare, yes, but not excessively, for faith will be the ingredient that will give the necessary seasoning to everything you undertake in the Name of the Most Holy Trinity or in My Name or in obedience to My beloved Saint Michael the Archangel.


“How I love you! How I bless you! How grateful I am to you for joining together to spread the calls of the Most Holy Trinity to all your brothers and sisters!

“Each of you is a messenger of Divine Love. Do not keep that Divine Love to yourselves because then it will not bear fruit, but if you share it with your brothers and sisters, you will indeed receive fruit and in abundance, for God is Love, He is Charity, inner Peace and external Peace.


“My little children, lift up all the Sacramentals that you have in your hands and I, as Mother and Teacher, as Mother of My Divine Son and of humanity, will bless these Sacramentals and order the forces of evil to retreat in the face of those who carry these Sacramentals in a state of grace, and may they be healed in body and soul, if this is the Divine Will.

“I love you and bless you, My children.”

(Note: Most popular sacramentals include the Brown Scapular and the Miraculous Medal. Have them blessed by priests.)


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