Our Lord Jesus Christ again appeals for conversion…NOW!

Our Lord Jesus Christ again appeals for conversion…NOW!

We hear about the dire prophecies, decide to convert, but again fall into the same sins. Yes, conversion is not easy. Even the saints found difficulties preserving themselves in a state of grace, but they persevered, undoubtedly with much prayers.

But we should be encouraged by what Our Lord Jesus Christ told St. Faustina Kowalska, saying that His Mercy welcomes even the worst but repentant sinner.

It is also encouraging to know that, minus Judas Iscariot, Jesus’ original apostles were chosen not necessarily because they were the most wholesome people around but were open to change.

In the writings of mystic Maria Valtorta (1897-1961), to whom God gave the grace to witness details in the life of Jesus on earth, she recounted an episode with Jesus welcoming St. Matthew to be His follower, despite the self doubts of the latter. The conversation between the two, as recorded by Valtorta, revealed that St. Matthew was not only an abusive tax collector, but also given to the sins of the flesh.

Here is the conversation as witnessed by Valtorta:

St. Matthew: “...The trouble is that I am always a poor miserable man, a good for-nothing. I have sinned too much to be able to please You. I am not good at speaking. I do not yet know how to say the new, pure, holy words, now that I have left my old language of fraud and lust. And I am afraid I will never be able to speak to You and about You.”

Our Lord Jesus: “No, Matthew. You are a man, with all the painful experience of a man. You are the one, who, having tasted mud and tasting now the celestial honey, can tell the two flavours, and give their true analysis, and understand and make your fellow creatures understand now and later. And they will believe you, because you are the man, the poor man, who by his own will, becomes the just man dreamt of by God. Let Me, the Man -God, lean on you, the mankind I have loved to the extent of leaving Heaven for you, and dying for you.”

In this regard, I must share the latest message of Our Lord Jesus to third degree Augustinian stigmatist Luz de Maria de Bonilla on Dec. 2, 2023, as it reiterates Our Lord again appealing for conversion. The message:

“ Dearly beloved children:My Eternal Love wants those who have not drawn near to Me to do so NOW. From this place where I am addressing you, I spread My love so that it would reach those who allow Me to penetrate within their hearts.

“I have given My Word so that you would decide to convert and thus save your souls. I call you so that each of you would come to Me: aware, converted and convinced that I Am Who I Am.

“There are so many who remain in darkness because of not recognizing the enemy of the soul and allowing him to make you his slaves, so that you would contribute to removing Me from My Altars in My Churches, as well as My Mother.

“My Beloved, solar flares will cause serious damage, not only to communications and lighting, but also to tectonic faults, the climate, altering them and causing serious social problems.

“Each person has the freedom to accept Me or not. It is My duty to repeat to you what I suffer in being rejected and in seeing that I am deceived by those whom I love

“My children, highly contaminated water will cause damage due to the carelessness of each one of you and radioactive waste that endangers human life.

“Look up: the signs will not be long in coming, the trumpets of My Angels travel across the Earth with the announcement of new and serious conflicts between countries, of serious atmospheric phenomena that will force your brothers and sisters to change the places where they live.

“Pray, My children, pray for Argentina: chaos is approaching.

“Pray, My children, pray, volcanoes will become active,

causing the loss of many human lives.

“Pray, My children, I commend you to protect children.

“Pray children, pray for Europe, it will suffer to the core due to communism; it has not disappeared, but rather will cause people to suffer.

“Beloved children, what has been prophesied by My Mother is being fulfilled, and yet you are not preparing yourselves spiritually. Faced with chaos, the human race will lose its sense of precaution and prevention, carrying out unimaginable and irrational acts.

“Act with prudence: the Antichrist smiles when he gains ground in souls.

“Be authentic, love your neighbor and renew your heart so that the tares that you have within you would be cast out, and so that you would have a soft heart.

“Beloved children, you are being purified and will come to see the truthfulness of My calls Live in peace and hope to see the triumph of My Mother’s Immaculate Heart.

“I bless your senses so that you would have them fully prepared to follow Me and to grow spiritually, being reasonable with respect to My Calls.

“Pray, children, pray with your heart. I bless you.” (End of quote.)

Luz de Maria also recalled an earlier message she received from Our Lord Jesus way back on Aug. 23, 2013 as follows:

“My Beloved People: Strive, strive, strive, for this moment is also one of blessing for those who become aware of the severity of this very moment.

“This is also a time of blessing and mercy for those who draw near to Me.

“I stand before the lost sheep, before the prodigal son, before the laborer who has arrived at the end of the afternoon. I come to gather everyone who wants to amend their life. I am Love, I love everyone, I wish to rescue everyone, but it is urgent that you prepare and surrender your human will, accepting Me in your lives.

“I am Eternal Love and I wait for each soul as it it were the only one, in order to adorn it with the God of Ophir.”


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