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SunStar Pangan
SunStar Pangan

ON June 12 this year, we shall observe again our Philippine independence, as corected from our previous observance on July 4th.

But how many of us really know the importance of this celebration except for the perfunctory flag raising and wreath laying at Rizal Park? How would our superficial observance measure up to the true patriotism of our known heroes?

Do we honestly feel the message of our leaders who extol our heroes just to drive home the meaning of pateiotism?

It seems the meaning of true independence is lost amidst our myriad of problems –social, economic and even political that is why the celebratory exercises are done lightly and without consequence just so it can be said that we celebrate our day of independence.

What is patriotism? How many of us can be considered patriots? Have we done deeds worthy of being patriots? Or have we programs or agenda detrimental to the best interest of our community and country?

We lag behind our Asean brothers in terms of nationalism and patriotism.

We often hea of accounts of Japanese translating foreign films and documentaries into Nippongo. And the Koreans and Vietnames. They are known for their deep sense of natonalism


And the Filipinos? They try hard to Americanize everything about them. Once they have stayed in the US they forget their mother toungue and culture altogether. They even want to look more American then the Americans themselves!

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I note that many Filipinos pay respect to the Filipino flag in contrast to the wife of Supreme Court Justice Alito who had the American flag hoisted upside down (the stars) in complete disregard to the proper way to display the flag.

Now the good justice Alito denies knowledge or involvement in the improper display of the flag saying it was his wife’s decision to do so. Justice Alito was being pressured to recuse himself in the January 6 inssurection case at the US capitol Well. . .

Here in our country we have the law to respect our flag, a symbol of our country and people and any disrespect towards it is punishable


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