PELCO II asked to address frequent power outages

PELCO II asked to address frequent power outages

MABALACAT CITY-- Mayor Cris Garbo of this city has asked PELCO II to explain and address the frequent unscheduled power interruptions in the city.

Garbo recently instructed key officials from the local government unit (LGU) to make a follow-up action and meet with top representatives from PELCO II.

During the meeting, PELCO II officials outlined a series of actions to be taken to address short-term and long-term challenges affecting the city's power supply.

For the immediate term, PELCO II plans to implement load transfer and balancing among the three transformers to optimize power distribution and mitigate the impact of the unscheduled power interruptions.

With the LGU's assistance, PELCO II said it will reach out to major energy users in the city to encourage participation in the Interruptible Load Program (ILP) established by the Department of Energy (DOE).

In the short to medium term, PELCO II said it aims to expedite the completion of the Sta. Maria Power Sub-station by the first quarter of 2025, increasing its capacity to 25 MVA.

This move is expected to enhance the overall power infrastructure and improve the reliability of the city's power supply.

For the long-term solution, PELCO II has committed to establish another power sub-station in Barangay Dau, the city's commercial district.

PELCO II executives also vowed to enhance the capacity of the existing Mabiga sub-station and facilitate the construction and completion of the city's waste-to-energy project.

These initiatives are designed to bolster the city's power grid, ensure sustainability, and meet the growing energy demands of Mabalacat City, the PELCO II, the city government said.

Garbo expressed optimism regarding the collaborative efforts between the electric cooperative and local government.

He emphasized the importance of continued cooperation to achieve solutions for the benefit of the Mabalaqueños.

During the meeting, PELCO II officials cited the impact of the El Niño phenomenon on the country's temperature and heat index, which has led to above-normal levels of heat since March.

This surge in temperature has increased demand for power, leading to the shutdown of power-generating plants and the subsequent unscheduled power interruptions, the PELCO II team said.

Garbo expressed concern over the effects of power outages on the city's residents, businesses, and overall productivity.

He stressed the urgency of finding immediate solutions to address the issues and ensure reliable and uninterrupted power supply for the city.

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