"Pogi" Lazatin declares congressional candidacy for Pampanga First District

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SunStar Lacanlale

In a strategic political move, Angeles City Mayor Carmelo "Pogi" Lazatin, Jr. has officially announced his candidacy for the First Congressional District seat of Pampanga. This district encompasses the town of Magalang, and the cities of Mabalacat and Angeles. The timing of his announcement coincides with the 90th birthday of his late father and namesake, Carmelo "Tarzan" Lazatin, a prominent figure in local politics. This declaration not only honors his father's legacy but also positions Pogi Lazatin as a formidable candidate in the upcoming elections.

The Lazatin family has long been a political powerhouse in Pampanga. Carmelo "Tarzan" Lazatin, Pogi's father, served multiple terms as a congressman and left an indelible mark on the region's political landscape. By announcing his candidacy in Magalang, a town that has consistently supported his father's political runs, Pogi is tapping into a wellspring of familial loyalty and historical significance. This connection to his father's legacy is a strategic move that could galvanize older voters who remember Tarzan Lazatin's contributions.

Pogi Lazatin's early declaration is noteworthy, especially considering the election is barely a year away. This proactive approach gives him a significant advantage, allowing ample time to solidify his support base and campaign across the district. As of now, no other candidates have declared their intentions to run for the same seat, suggesting a potentially unopposed candidacy. While an unchallenged run is not guaranteed, the longer a rival waits to announce their candidacy, the slimmer their chances of mounting a successful campaign against the already established and well-known Pogi Lazatin.

Lazatin's decision to pursue a congressional seat rather than seeking another term as mayor of Angeles City is also significant. With a strong track record as mayor, he could have easily secured reelection. Instead, he is aiming for a higher office, leaving the mayoral contest to his brother, current congressman Jon Lazatin. This move indicates a strategic division of political ambitions within the Lazatin family, ensuring their influence remains strong across different levels of government.

One of the most critical aspects of Pogi Lazatin's early campaign is the support he has already garnered from key political figures in Pampanga. Mayor Malu Paras-Lacson of Magalang was the first to publicly endorse Lazatin's candidacy. Lacson, who may also run for reelection, could direct her campaign efforts towards supporting Lazatin if she faces no significant opposition. This alliance strengthens Lazatin's position in Magalang, a crucial area in the district.

Furthermore, the backing of Pampanga's top officials, Governor Dennis Pineda and Vice Governor Lilia "Nanay" Pineda, adds considerable weight to Lazatin's campaign. Their influence, particularly in Mabalacat City where the sitting mayor is a staunch supporter of the Pinedas, could sway a significant portion of the electorate in Lazatin's favor. With the support of two-thirds of the district's mayors and his brother Jon Lazatin's strong mayoral aspirations, Pogi Lazatin's campaign is poised to be highly competitive.

Pogi Lazatin's candidacy has several implications for the political landscape in Pampanga's First Congressional District, though. Firstly, his early declaration and robust support network create a high barrier for potential challengers. Any serious candidate would need to build a substantial campaign quickly to compete effectively against Lazatin's established presence and political backing.

Secondly, Lazatin's decision to leave the mayoral race in Angeles City to his brother Jon demonstrates a calculated effort to maintain the Lazatin family's political influence across multiple positions. This strategy could ensure continued development and support for their political agenda, benefiting their constituents and solidifying their legacy.

Despite the strong position Lazatin appears to hold, however, several challenges and considerations remain. Political dynamics can shift rapidly, and unforeseen developments could impact his campaign. Potential rivals might emerge with compelling platforms or significant backing, creating a more competitive race than currently anticipated. Further, Lazatin must also prepare himself in transitioning from a mayoral role to a congressional position, addressing different sets of responsibilities and constituent expectations.

And, while familial legacy and political alliances are advantageous, Lazatin must also demonstrate his ability to address contemporary issues and connect with a younger, possibly more diverse electorate. His campaign will need to effectively communicate his vision for the district and how he plans to build on his father's legacy while addressing current challenges.


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