Preserving Sanity and Order Amidst a Changing World

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In the digital age, where the internet serves as a window to an array of global practices, our society finds itself at a crossroads. The ease of access to diverse lifestyles and social media trends has undoubtedly enriched our perspectives but has also presented concerning challenges. As we live through this evolving landscape, it is imperative for national leaders, religious leaders, and employers to champion sanity and order within our communities.

The drive to please everyone, particularly in political arenas, has led some leaders to endorse behaviors that, while not illegal, can be divisive and unsettling to the societal fabric. Politicians, in their quest for votes, often cater to the most vocal minorities at the expense of the silent majority. This approach can undermine the very values and norms that hold our communities together.

Consider the array of behaviors gaining visibility—covering one’s face with tattoos or piercings, dyeing hair in multiple colors, cross-dressing, and excessive smoking/vaping or drinking. While these actions may fall within personal freedoms in a democratic society, they also challenge the conventional standards of decency and propriety. It’s crucial to recognize that respecting individual freedoms should not come at the expense of societal cohesiveness and civility.

Recently, a viral post about parents allowing their 7-year-old son to dress up like a girl at his birthday party sparked a wave of outrage. Many viewed this as highly inappropriate, questioning the parents’ judgment in imposing such a decision on a young child. This incident underscores the delicate balance between encouraging self-expression and maintaining societal norms that safeguard the well-being and development of our children.

Furthermore, a recent rainbow parade in Metro Manila disrupted the city’s traffic flow, causing widespread inconvenience. While the parade aimed to celebrate diversity and inclusivity, some placards brandishing messages about God incited irritation among many onlookers. The event highlighted the tension between exercising freedom of expression and respecting public order and sentiment.

Our nation thrives on the principles of law-abiding citizenship, proper behavior, and mutual respect. These principles are not anchored in oppression but in a collective understanding of what constitutes a functional and harmonious society. When individuals push the boundaries of societal norms to extremes, it creates discord and discomfort among the general populace. Such behaviors, while not legally reprehensible, can erode the common ground on which we build our collective identity.

Religious leaders have a pivotal role in this dialogue. They are often seen as moral compasses, guiding their congregations towards values that promote the common good. By emphasizing the importance of modesty, respect, and community-oriented behavior, religious leaders can help mitigate the spread of practices that may be seen as disruptive or inappropriate.

Employers, too, play a critical role. The workplace is a microcosm of the larger society, and maintaining a professional environment is paramount. Employers should encourage dress codes and conduct that reflect the values of respectability and professionalism. This is not about stifling individuality but about creating a work environment that is conducive to productivity and mutual respect.

It is also essential for individuals to understand the concept of limits within a free nation. Democracy thrives on the balance between individual freedoms and collective responsibility. One’s freedom should not infringe on the rights and comforts of others.

Respecting normalcy and decency is not about conforming to a single standard but about recognizing that our actions have broader implications for the community.

As we embrace the diversity that comes with a globalized and interconnected world, we must also safeguard the principles that underpin our society. National leaders, religious leaders, and employers must work together to maintain sanity and order. By doing so, we respect the silent majority who uphold the values of lawfulness, proper behavior, and civility. Let us cherish our freedoms, but let us also acknowledge the boundaries that ensure a harmonious and respectful society.


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