Sotu address resonates

Sotu  address resonates

The State of the Union address delivered by the President of the United States defiitely reaches all the rest of the world and their leaders are perforce to listen and heed the counsels of the chief executive of this powerful nation.

The address covers mainly the US’ concerns but it also reached out to troubled countries Israel, Palestinian authority and now Haiti. Biden promised to deliver US aid and reief packages to these areas.

He hammered home the need to unite against forces out to destabilize national security and democracy, and, aiming his tirade against his fiercesr opponent, now sure of a rematch with him i November 2024, he fightingly asserted his resolve to persuade Congress, divided as it is, to pass the bills needed to achieve his big plans including that which aims to avert shutdown of his government.

True enough, Biden faces a hostile Congreess, a Republican-dominated lower house and a slim majority in the Senate that he to hurdle the bitter battle of having votes to pass his legislations. The US Congress is also bitterly divided and rarely does he get bipartisan support.

The aid packages to Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan and Indo-Pacific are, by all means, dead in the water and need bipartisan nod to get them through

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It is understandble that lawmakers in the US are lukewarm to approve huge amounts as aid to foreign countries as the US is faced with gargantan financial problems including its very huge public debt. Americans are also suffering from donor fatigue.

I do not divine the mentality of the American voters. Now, it will be a rematch between former president Donald J. Trump and incumbent President Joe Biden.

Despite his several character flaws and criminal cases, Trump remains popular to the American voter. Shades of Philippine politics!

Trump is foul-mouthed given to vicious rhetoric and vitriolic outbursrts. Still, Americans love him still. On the other hand, Biden suffers from weak leadership and mediocre governance. The us does not boast of strong fundamentals that is why China is loud in critisizing Biden and his government.


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