St. Michael confirms world in time of purification, reveals first secret

 St. Michael confirms world in time of purification, reveals first secret

The last message of St. Michael the Archangel via stigmatist Luz de Maria de Bonilla seems to be addressed to those already on God’s side, as they are told to prepare amid a world largely unbelieving despite the biblical signs of the times.

This, however, is not to say that the call for conversion has ceased. There is always a time for Divine Mercy.

I am now sharing St. Michael’s message, with appeal to readers to please spread it.

On Feb. 29, 2024, St. Michael told Luz:

“Beloved children of the Most Holy Trinity: I share with you the blessing of Our Queen and Mother in order that it may be the strength within you for professing the faith, without denying our King and Lord Jesus Christ in the very serious times that are to come for you.

“Children of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, the progress of war has at the same time opened the hearts of some human beings who, fearing war, are looking to pray to the Most Holy Trinity and to Our Queen and Mother, requesting their consolation. War is not only between Powers, but - worse, between insensitive people.

“I encourage you to be creatures of peace so that you would always succeed in working and acting in the way that Our King and Lord Jesus Christ taught you: the peaceful person is humble and vice versa. I call you to be people who are constantly looking to love their neighbor, hungry to receive the Holy Eucharist and to keep the Commandments of God’s Law.

“Beloved, now that you have entered into the purification and the succession of natural, social, religious and moral events, it is good for each of you to remain attentive to what is happening so that you would not be caught unawares.

“This generation has joined the devil’s strategy in greatly offending the Most Holy Trinity and Our Queen and Mother in inconceivable fashion. Despite this, Infinite and Divine Mercy protects you at all times in order to free you from the clutches of Satan.

“Beloved, I come to reveal the first secret given by Our Queen and Mother (to Luz de Maria).

“The precursor of Elijah’s arrival on earth is the Angel of Peace; he is the one who comes to open the way in the face of the terrible actions of the Antichrist against the people of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ.

“On account of this great Divine Plan, the Angel of Peace is an angel as he has the mission of being a Messenger of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ in order to unite you in fulfilling the Divine Will at the worst moment through which humanity will be living.

“The Angel of Peace, Messenger of the Divine Word will open hearts...will fertilize the soil of each heart with Divine Love…will sow the seed so that the beloved Prophet Elijah would reap what is sown by a few faithful souls, restoring love in families before Our King and Lord Jesus Christ arrives in His Second Coming.

“Children of the Most Holy Trinity, here is why the arrival of the Angel of Peace is important:

“He will fight spiritually, intellectually and physically against the attacks of the Antichrist and his demonic legions...It is he who will be alongside the faithful People and who will have the Divine Word in his mouth...It is he who will convert a small number of human beings for the good of their souls and their salvation...He will continue his Mission beside the Prophet Elijah, but in another part of the Earth...

“Children of Our Queen and Mother, it will be the force of nature that will confront you with great famines and above all with great diseases – eradicated and unknown. You will experience darkness and the desolation of not being able to communicate as you have until now with your loved ones on other continents, in other countries and places; silence on Earth will do good in the face of the current hubbub. Then some will believe in the revelations and regret not having believed.

“Children of Our Queen and Mother, the pain caused and that will yet be caused to Our King and Lord Jesus Christ will lead all areas of the life of humanity to regress; the sun will be obscured and cold will come over you. It is only those who continue faithfully waiting for the fulfillment of God's Will and those who maintain their faith who will see the light that they carry in their souls and will not live in darkness.

“During this Lent, which is different from others, you will share with Our King and Lord Jesus Christ some pains of His sacred passion.

“Hold onto your faith as the great treasure that it is; only those who love and respect Our King and Lord Jesus Christ will stand firm until the end, being accompanied by My Celestial Legions.

“Our Queen and Mother will never abandon you; She will remain faithful to her children, rescuing those who wish to be saved. I protect and assist you.” (End of quote.)

I am also sharing the important comment of Luz de Maria on the above message. She wrote:

“Brothers and sisters: By Divine Order, our beloved protector Saint Michael the Archangel has opened the First Secret of the five that have been given to me. Grateful to the Most Holy Trinity, to Our Queen and Mother and to Saint Michael the Archangel, today we progress in the knowledge of how events will unfold.

“In the morning of January 5, 2013, by Divine Will, the Most Holy Virgin Mary made known to me five revelations concerning events that will happen in the near future. I must remain silent until I am told, because Heaven itself will make them known.

“Saint Michael the Archangel reveals to us on this day the first of the secrets that were given to me: ‘the arrival of our beloved Angel of Peace as Precursor of the Prophet Elijah’, thereby clarifying the panorama of events.

“The Angel of Peace is the precursor of the Prophet Elijah, and this is not surprising, because we had already been informed that the Angel of Peace was taken to Heaven and received the gifts and virtues from the Holy Spirit for cleansing the path of impiety, of the lack of knowledge, of human folly and disbelief. For this reason, Saint Michael tells me that the task entrusted to the Angel of Peace is a very serious one, because humanity finds itself at a point when what has already been announced by Divine Will will occur.

“I want to share with you, brothers and sisters, that people will be genuinely waiting for the Angel of Peace, and when the time comes, the human race will wish that it had believed before.

“I share with you some of the Messages I have received.”

Luz de Maria shared the relevant messages in the past, here dated:

Blessed Mother, Nov. 5, 2011: “Enoch and Elijah will come to proclaim the Kingdom of God in the midst of the persecution of My children, in the midst of great signs in Heaven and great commotion throughout the Earth. Do not wait: events will happen one after the other.”

Our Lord Jesus, Feb. 16, 2022: “The human race wants to erase all traces of Me. It will not succeed in doing so: that would be as if it could live without air. It will be a moment of pain and hope, as I will send My beloved Saint Michael the Archangel, guarding My beloved Angel of Peace so that he might sustain you with My Word, call you to continue resisting until the imminent arrival of My Mother, who will combat evil. My people, keep in mind My faithful Elijah.

Our Lord Jesus, Sept. 6, 2022: “My Angel of Peace is neither Elijah nor Enoch; he is not an archangel, he is My Mirror of Love for filling every human being that needs it with My Love.”


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