Starting on the right foot

Starting on the right foot

FOR 2024, we start the year right, full of new visions and aspirations. We forget all the bad moments of the past year and we look up to the new one with reinvigorated expectations.

Gone are the days of preparing resolutions. We have outgrown these, instead, we focus on our daily struggle against the rising inflation and prices of basic commodities.

Almost four years after the virulent COVID attack first hit us, we find ourselves setting our priorities a right and seeking solutions to our nagging problems.

True, all of us have been deeply scarred by the effects of the destructive global illness – our finance and careers in disarray, our programs and projects put on indefinite hold and our erstwhile optimism despairingly shellacked.

Never again, we muttered, as we faced daily challenges – the ever increasing prices of gasoline and oil products, our vanishing chances of landing good jobs and our ever-reluctance to venture into new endeavors.

Ah, but some of us are eternally optimistic, never mind the deep toll of the pandemic. We will overcome, we say to ourselves.

We pin our hopes on the bright prospects of the year 2024. Without totally forgetting our problems in the West Philippine sea, we ought to explore to the hilt our good relations with Japan, the US, Canada and Australia These nations feel our need for international support for our infrastructure needs.

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Japan, particularly, is ready to pour billions of pesos into our infrastructure system and has in fact participated in our railways project and soon the ambitious albeit tedious work on our subway system which should have been looked into and implemented long ago by previous administrations.

It is good to know that our peripatetic President, Ferdinand R. Macoss, Jrr., knows about this and has in fact travelled to Japan to obtain development assistance and more foreign direct investments. The year 2024 promises more good news for our country.


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