The Infinity lights its 22ft-tall Giant Christmas Tree

 The Infinity lights its 22ft-tall Giant Christmas Tree

The Infinity recently lights its 22ft-tall Giant Christmas Tree at the Ampitheater in Nov 10,2023.

Dubbed as "A Sparkling Christmas Celebration" it serves as the start of a christmassy ambience filled with various lights. A spectacle to behold which families, friends ,and relatives could dine and bond together or for photo opp. Afterall, being with your loved ones is the real essence of christmas.

In his speech The Infinity General Manager Mr Byron Siy said:

"As we step into the exciting year of 2023, it markis a special occasion for The Infinity and all those accompanying us on this journey.

"It has beenn two years since we celebrated a christmas launch of this magnitude, and as we revisit this tradiiton, our aim is to gift our shoppers an unparalleled Christmas experience.The essenc e of our sparkling christmas is drawn froj the exhilirating developments unfolding at The Infinity, illuminating the sparks of excitmenet that await.

"At The Infinity, our mission is to infuse this season with an unforgettable experience, crafted especially for our valued shoppers, esteemd tenants, and cherished employees. We believe in creating moments that linger in the hearts of those who make The Infinity their destination during this festive season.

"In essence, The Infinity aims to transform this season into a tapestry of shared joy, gratitude, and celebraiton - a terstament to the strong bonds we share with our shopppers, tenants, and employees alike. Welcome to a season filled with warmth, wonder, and the spirit of togetherness at The Infinity.

"Additionally, we would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to our beneficiaries, without whom this event would not be as meaningful. Your presence reminds us of the true spirit of christmas - the spirit of giving, sharing, and caring for one another.

"This christmas, we are not just launching a season; we are launching a celebration of unity, generosity, and love.As we embark on this festive journey, let us remember the joy that comes from giving and the magic that lies in coming together.

"At The Infinity, every moment is an opprtune time to create memories and revel in the spirit of Christmas - be it indulging in self-care, reuniting with friends, or savoring a delightful dinner with family and loved ones. The Shoppes caters to diverse lifestyles, offering a space to celebrate christmas". The event culminated with the turn over of the Donation Package of JENRA Foundation Inc to SPED students.

Also present at the event were:Angeles Elementary School Principal IV Mr. Richard U. Ayson and Property and Estate Manager Ms Bernadette Antonio.


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