The Obvious Smear Campaign Against MJ by New Fans

The Obvious Smear Campaign Against MJ by New Fans

In the world of sports, few names command as much reverence and respect as Michael Jordan. His legacy as the greatest of all time (GOAT) has been cemented through his unparalleled competitiveness, tenacity, and dominance on the court. However, a troubling trend has emerged among some new generation basketball fans who seek to discredit Jordan's greatness with false information and baseless claims.

One of the most egregious falsehoods being spread is the notion that "MJ couldn't go left." This insidious rumor aims to undermine Jordan's versatility and skill as a player, yet it is a blatant lie. Anyone who has witnessed Jordan in action knows that he was a complete player capable of making plays with both hands. One need only look at iconic moments like his left-handed layup against the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1991 NBA Finals to debunk this malicious myth.

Another disturbing trend is the promotion of LeBron James as the GOAT while dismissing the achievements of Jordan. While LeBron is undoubtedly an incredible talent and has left an indelible mark on the NBA, he falls short of Jordan's unmatched legacy. Kobe Bryant, with his fierce competitiveness and unparalleled work ethic, stands as a more fitting comparison to Jordan than LeBron.

It is also important to remind James’ fans that Steph Curry-led Golden State Warriors have defeated LeBron James many times while in his prime. Curry’s exceptional shooting prowess and leadership on the court have reshaped the game of basketball and led his team to victory over formidable opponents, including LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Furthermore, the "we done with the 90s" slogan that seeks to diminish the greatness of Jordan in favor of promoting LeBron is misguided and disrespectful to the basketball icon. Jordan revolutionized the game in the '90s and elevated it to new heights, setting records and standards that are yet to be surpassed.

In the face of such unwarranted attacks on Jordan's legacy, it is important to remember that he is not just a basketball player but an athlete who transcended his sport. His impact on and off the court is immeasurable, and his influence continues to be felt in the basketball world and beyond. Just look at his branding of shoes.

Michael Jordan’s name has become synonymous with excellence, dominance, and success in the realm of basketball. Much like how Muhammad Ali is often referred to as the “Michael Jordan of boxing.”

As we witness the ongoing debate over who deserves the title of the GOAT, it is crucial to recognize Jordan's unparalleled contributions to the game and to appreciate his enduring legacy. Just as there will never be another Michael Jordan, there will never be another athlete who embodies greatness in the same way.

Moreover, after LeBron James retires, another NBA superstar will inevitably be compared to Jordan. That’s just how it’s going to be. Those who believe James surpasses Jordan in greatness are akin to those who argue that Taylor Swift is superior to Michael Jackson or the Beatles—a misguided comparison that fails to acknowledge the timeless impact and unmatched legacy of true icons.

In the end, those who seek to diminish Jordan's legacy in favor of promoting other players are doing a disservice to the game of basketball and to the rich history of the sport. Jordan's legacy as the GOAT is secure, and no amount of false information or misguided campaigns can tarnish his unparalleled greatness.


Kuya J Pelayo IV is a Kapampangan broadcast journalist. For comments and suggestions, e-mail at


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