Michelle Catap Lacson
Michelle Catap Lacson

The power of prayers

Last year, my birthday wish was for my family and me to enjoy a sunny day in Disneyland Hongkong. My wish was granted and I couldn't thank the Lord enough for making my 40th birthday truly a blessed and memorable one. For this year, my birthday wish is for my husband to pass the Civil Service Exam Professional Level. Once again my wish was granted, not to mention that it was given in advance.

For the longest time, my only constant source of strength amidst life's challenges and adversities is the powerful conviction that "God is good all the time." Indeed, in my more than 40 years of existence here on Earth, I couldn't be any luckier or happier with everything that God has showered me with. Amid every problem that I encountered, whether it was simple or quite distressing to deal with, I have always held on to my faith in prayer that through His power, everything shall pass.

This recent success is truly a miracle of God. After receiving an image of the Our Lady of the Miraculous Chapel in Paris, France from a very special person, my wish was accorded the day after I brought the framed image home. When the CSC Exam results were announced, I was in disbelief and awe of the wondrous ways of the Lord in bestowing our hearts' desires and wishes. I couldn't contain my delight and thankfulness that I was crying tears and shouting quietly in the middle of an office activity.

My husband bought a quote frame when we visited the Carmelite Monastery in Angeles City which bears the Bible verse from Isaiah 60:22 which goes: "When the time is right, I, the Lord will make it happen." I would like to manifest that this passage is true since my husband confessed recently that he had guessed the answers for the 20 items he skipped during the paper-and-pencil test held last March 3, 2024. He said that when the proctor updated them with the remaining time which was only 20 minutes, he knew he couldn't analyze all the items and get the answers correctly. That's when he prayed for God's divine intervention in answering the items and consequently passing the exam which he had taken four times in the past.

Indeed, prayers can move mountains and make us surpass all the impossibilities of life. Truly, He is the only one who can maneuver our lives according to His will. Our prayer as faithful ones is for us to always have an open heart to fully accept His plans and wait on His own perfect time.

Congratulations to all the passers of the CSC PPT Exams held on March 3, 2024 most especially my husband, R.Anne C. Lacson! We ar so proud of you!

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