The public servant

The public servant

MOST, if not all, elected government officials pride themselves in BEING called "honorBLES".

It is as if they were the chosen few, the elite, whom the public look up to with suppressed fear and awe and at least with respect.

It is as if they occupy such lofty positions in government that they reserve and deserve all the entitlements and privileges not enjoyed by any ordinary citizen.

Not so with Mabalacat City Mayor Crisostomo C. Garbo who has on display on his work table the sign "Public Servant" and lives to the spirit of the sign as he dispenses public service with genuine demeanor.

The various programs and projects of Mayor Cris attest to the genuineness of his desire to serve as much as he can, from being then a city councilor, vice mayor, then as provincial board member and now as incumbent city mayor. As the records show, he still has another term in 2025.

Public servant. Few of the sitting government officials savor the importance of being called a public servant because to them the nomenclature is slightly low, if not derogatory that is why they do not welcome the sign "Public servant".

The police and the military pride themselves with the motto: to serve and protect. Alas, many observe it and some go rogue in the span of their careers.

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A long time ago, we looked up to the police as "saviors" and ran for safety. Now, it is the reverse, we cower in fear at the mere sight of them.

On the other hand, we applaud teachers and medical practitioners who do their duties faithfully and live up to the spirit of their oaths. We give credence to the long hours they spend. in the performance of their respective tasks and go beyond prescribed schedules.

I doff my hat to the medical practitioners who find ways to help the needy and the medically fragile and sick.They deserve our boundless admiration and respect for being true public servants!


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