The so-called Love Month

The so-called Love Month

FEBRUARY of each year, we seem excited over celebrating what we call the love month which date, by the way, falls on February 14 and we call it Valentine’s Day.

We all know that it is the date set aside to observe a love day –for parents, siblings and sweethearts.

It is also the day when commercial establishments make huge sales –hotels, motels, restaurants and flower and gift shops.

Old school celebrants of Valentine’s day go for chocolates and flowers to loved ones –tokens they could express their loving thoughts.

In this day of acute obeisance to technology, there are many ways of observing,nay, celebrating the spirit of this @love@ day without resorting to illicit affairs.

Love is spread throughout the world in this Valentine’s day one could only wish it could stop wars albeit shortly so that the real meaning of the day may be achieved.

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Surely, there will be various activities and ceremonies to mark this lovers’ day.

Traditionally, at the Mabalacat City Hall, the local chief executive gives out roses and candies to women employees in Monday’s flag ceremony.

Other LGUs may have similar activities observing the importance of this lovers’ day for there are various ways to celebrate it after all.

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Love for one’s neighbor will be the main topic in religious services.

For love is the universal language which can keep nations at peace with each other.

Let this day bring meaningful and relevant messages to leaders of the world and make them realize that there is no substitute for a peaceful co-existince among nations and their peoples.

Love brings about the ultimate joy to our conciliatry hearts.


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