Vision 2009 And Beyond

Vision 2009 And Beyond

It’s been exactly 15 years since I had my LASIK treatment.

Yes, it was in the month of March 2009 when I underwent the out-patient procedure at AUF Medical Center Lasik Surgery Clinic (LSC). I could be considered as one of the pioneer patients.

Prior to the operation, which I think lasted for only 40 minutes (it is now just 20 these days), I also had my worries. In fact, one renowned business leader in Central Luzon even called to warn me that I should reconsider. I cannot blame him. His own lasik (or was that a simple laser?) treatment, not at AUF to be clear, went bad. I could vividly recall him telling me that he almost lost his eyesight, thus, his friendly advise to me.

Mine was not successful. It was VERY successful that I recommended it to my two sisters, two nephews, and some cousins. They listened to me and they did recommend it too to many of our family members and friends. The list goes on that it probably kept the cash registers of LSC ringing hehe.

In my own family, my daughter Allysa, a medical student also at my beloved alma mater AUF, just had her own treatment last December. It was equally successful and I could tell how happy that made her. No more eyeglasses to wear, which, on many occasions I had to remove on her face as she fell asleep with them.

Having LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) is one decision I will never ever regret. It was also one decision that my favorite physician Dr. Carlomagno Torres recommended. He was so patient back in 2009, answering all my queries via email. And his answers, just like his soothing voice, were all so reassuring and comforting to know. Thank you Dr. Carlomagno. I learned a lot from you. I hope to be able to learn also your dancesteps as I see you strut on social media posts.

Am equally grateful also to Dr. Raoul Henson and Dr. Andrew Angeles who assisted Dr. Torres on me 15 years ago. Imagine a Batman having two Robins by his side. Panalo di ba? They were dynamic trio.


And so 15 years later, there is now a new technology in treating eye defects. Right at LSC, I saw on social media, that post of Dr. Henson on a successful procedure via SmartSight.

I don’t know much about it but SmartSight is a refractive lenticule extraction. That could be so technical and that the technology has been in use for the past 10 years already. I read somewhere that it makes use of smaller incision of 3mm, compared to 23 on LASIK. Thus, in that aspect, it should be better.

The LSC now also has new state-of-the-art machines for refraction, LASIK and other treatments. One of them is the so-called SCHWIND ATOS. The website states that it is “femtosecond laser enables minimally invasive lenticule extraction as well as flap creation in FemtoLASIK. Its combination of innovative technology and intelligent design provides safety and precision in refractive corneal surgery.”


I am re-running below some portions of my column article which saw print in SSP just a few days after my lasik treatment in 2009.

The wonders of technology – I thank God for it. The skillfulness of man – I am equally grateful for it.

Combined, they bring about the most potent power to make lives easier and more convenient. Take LASIK for example. This is an out-patient type of refractive laser eye surgery performed by opthalmologists  for correcting myopia (nearsightedness) hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism.

have just undergone it three days ago and I thought I may never be able to write my column for today because of post-operative recovery. I may have been wrong as I am able to read and write right now (with self-imposed limitations). Although, I am still recuperating with occasional blurry vision but the fact remains that I can see clearly now. I can see well without my eyeglasses which have been part of my life for the past 27 years.

Surely, I will miss that treasured pair of spectacle that has been endeared to me. In fact, it has been my partner day and night and no one and nothing has been with me other than those focal pair.

Surely, I may look not as good as I was with those eyeglasses. But this is not about looking good. It is about being able to see good. And lasik treatment has so far given me that.


The Lasik Surgery Clinic at the much improved AUF Medical Center was the venue for the almost painless 40-minute procedure. Its laser machine – the VISX IR IV excimer – is a clinically-tested equipment that is approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the US . It is a more accurate and more precise laser machine that is preferred by US Navy’s Top Gun pilots and even some astronauts at NASA.

We all know how accurate vision is essential to people with such profession and career. I was told that legendary golfer Tiger Woods has also undergone refractive correction using this same kind of machine. I could not imagine a faulty visual correction on this grand slam golfer. That would mean his career as clear sight and focus should not be compromised in a sport cum profession such as that.

What comes more soothing and enticing at this lasik center are its administrators and doctors. Primarily, Drs. Andrew Angeles and Raoul Henson – two young eye experts that are not only concerned with the center’s revenues but on the overall outcome of each operation. In fact, what they offer there is almost a bargain as compared to the prices in other lasik centers.

The two doctors do not only have technical and oral mastery as they discussed with me the benefits of lasik treatment. They also permeate optimism as they make patients at ease and with realistic expectation of outcomes.

I remember Dr. Henson foretelling me of a post op next-day-scenario. Quite clearly he stated: “you will see clearly when you wake up.” The moment I opened my eyes the next day, voila, I was able to see for the first time without eyeglasses the time on our clock radio I owned from high school days which was about seven feet away and while still laying in bed. That was even with recuperative blur.

I remember Dr. Angeles, of course, who was also on hand before and during the operation. He discussed at certain authority how lasik treatment can benefit a myope like me and how their center has had good success stories. One of which he said was a nearsighted like me whose eye reading was double mine at 1400. That was an added encouragement.

And how can I not remember Dr. Carlomagno Torres, my ophthalmologist from a little over two decades ago. He recommended lasik treatment for me in my most recent check up in his clinic two weeks ago.

And I am just glad he did. During that consultation, he promptly wanted me to be screened at AUF Lasik Surgery Center . And I wasted no time since screening does not cost a penny there.

During the 40-minute procedure, Dr. Torres showed once again his skillfulness in eye surgery. This time with cutting edge (literally, figuratively) and precise laser technology. Marked as usual by his low tone reassuring voice that lent calm and comfort, Dr. Torres did the job just remarkably fine. Sans the levity, sans the fanfare, he just went about the surgery almost with masterful strokes and with Drs. Angeles and Henson and the center’s nurses serving as rah-rah boys during the operation.


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