Warning anew on man-made disease, another mutation, etc.

 Warning anew on man-made disease, another mutation, etc.

Allow me to keep this piece shorter than usual, if only to underscore another grave message given to third-degree Augustinian mystic Luz de Maria de bonilla, this time from Our Lord Jesus Christ.

But let me first note that the latest messages explicitly warn that mankind has already reached the threshold of the biblical Great Tribulation and this is to mount in apocalyptic crescendo in our days.

Here in the Philippines, in a supposedly dry January, people have died from flooding or landslides in Mindanao. On the rather spiritual front, surveys show the illogic of the majority of Filipinos holding on to notorious leaders within diabolical prism. These, amid growing threats from China.

In a growing number of countries, wars are being waged, while natural disasters have intensified even in places normally spared from nature’s wrath. Also, old diseases which had already been almost wiped out are again spreading.

There is a need to prepare, credible Catholic mystics echo. The times call for both material and, more importantly, spiritual preparations. Mystics warn that many are to enter into eternity.

Now for the message to Luz from Our Lord Jesus on Feb. 5, 2024. Our Lord said:

“My beloved children, receive My Divine Love for every human being. My love does not stop; it remains current, growing whole time for the good of all.

“My beloved ones, you are My great treasure, which is why I constantly offer you My Infinite Mercy.

“You are going through one of the most difficult, unstable and excessively sinful times, when animal instincts have gained greater weight in man, and when people kill one another without mercy.

“The sun’s level of aggression towards the Earth is dangerous; fires will be extensive and My children will perish as a result. Coronal mass ejections will be so strong that it will be impossible to prevent them from affecting My children, altering their health.

“Danger is approaching for humanity from the vast universe, being a source of uncertainty and great distress for everyone. You will feel as if you are coming to perish.

“More countries will become involved in the war and the scenario will become more chaotic. Secret technology, created for war and unknown to humanity, will come to light at the height of the Third World War.

“You will continue to suffer due to nature; water, fire and wind are part of the purification and the first fruits of the spiritual change that everyone must achieve.

“My children, diseases are already among you: one created by those who use science for evil - a new disease, and another that has mutated. From My House you have what you need to repel these diseases, but, My children, those who expose themselves for amusement will suffer.

“Little children, the moment has come when the abomination of desolation is near. Do not be lukewarm - My children are firm in the faith, they know that I will not abandon them.

“Do not allow yourselves to be deceived in any way. First must come the apostasy and the appearance of the adversary of religion, the instrument of perdition.


“Children, how foolish you are, you whitened sepulchers! You say that you pray to Me, and yet you scorn Me behind My back, as you scorm your brothers and sisters.

“Pray, My children, intercede for Chile: the fury of nature has caused pain for My children. Pray, My children, pray for the United States: it will shake - chaos is coming.

“Pray, My children, pray for countries at war. Pray, My children, pray about the protests that are spreading from country to country, causing devastation.

“Pray, My children, pray for yourselves that you would grow in love, mercy and compassion. Pray, My children: pray and be creatures who receive Me daily.

“I am strength for those who hold Me in their hearts, where they keep Me in order to be witnesses of My love..

“Pray My children, pray and make reparation.

“Beloved children, keep everything that I mention to you on paper. The mind cannot retain so many years of My Love towards you - it is necessary for you to have everything on paper that I have mentioned to you.

“I bless you, My beloved children, I bless you with My Love.”


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