Women empowerment

Women empowerment

AGES ago, women do not stand oon equal footing with men. In Japan. The men are considered far superior than their women counterparts. As for other countries, they are not allowed to do tasks exclusively labelled for men like in Saudi Arabia, It is only now that their women were allowed to drive and procure driving licenses.

But why are are women so disadvantageously prejudiced vis-a-vis the males?

Now that the LGBTGIA movement has taken worldwide notice, there seems to be no more reason that women should be looked down by men.

Nowadays, ther are women pilots and astronauts, scientists and lab leaders who dispense excellent work. Sometimes, they even excel over their male counterparts.

All the male chauvinists do not entertain the idea of women leading the countries’ offices that is why fe women get elected to the highest posts. For these chauvinists, women belong only in homes where they are expected to do chores and othing more.

We have read and learned of women who excelled in business, not only in politics. There are already women billionaires and are expected to be such since they are more frugal and not spenthrift as the males are.

Women are regimented, neat and consistent in their work, in contrast to the males who are expectely complacent, disorganized and generally lazy. Let us give the women the chance to rise above all others and let them wield power over our daily lives.

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The country celebrates annually the National Women’s month and even other nations observe the International Women’s Day in honor of women and their attributes.

Rightfully so, as there are even excellent women chess players after the great chess champion Robert J. Fischer.

Maya Chiburdanaze, a woman super grandmaster excelled in the game and is believed she still participates in strong chess tournaments. We have our own grandmaster in Janelle Mae Frayna who participates in international chess competitions.

Women are at par with men and they distinguish themselves in various fields. Three cheers for them!


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