“You are entering into what humanity never thought it would experience”

   “You are entering into what humanity never thought it would experience”

On Pope Fracis’ birthday last Dec. 17, lightning struck a statue of St. Peter (the first pope) adorning the facade of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Rosary of San Nicolas, north of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The corpus of St. Peter remained solid, but his halo and the key he was holding were pulverized.

That was the day before Pope Francis’ Fiducia Suplicans declaration was published, allowing blessings for same sex couples, a move that has rocked the Church, with the Bishops of Africa openly declaring they would not comply.

Many interpreted the lightning event as a sign confirming that Pope Francis no longer holds primacy in the chair of Peter, that no less than Heaven is saying that the pontiff has lost papal authority as Peter’s successor. It was an interpretation that had been brewing for some time now, following Francis’ previous statements that stirred controversies in the Church hierarchy.

The result is confusion among the Faithful. Who and what are they to believe in?

Catholic mystics are not short of messages from Heaven on current controversies involving Francis. Let me cite anew what was revealed to mystic Iveta Gomes-Fernandes (born Sept. 25, 1956 in Goa, India and now resident of Ontario, Canada) who has been receiving messages from Our Lord Jesus and the Blessed Mother since June 27, 1993.

The Bishop of Ontario had once certified as believable the times when the Eucharist received by Iveta during Masses transformed into the flesh and blood of Jesus.

Amid controversies surrounding Francis in our times, Iveta received recently the following message from the Blessed Mother:

“My beloved children, I now as your heavenly Mother warn you of a great evil that is tearing the internal forum of the Catholic Church under the disguise of living the Orthodox nature of the Catholic Church, yet dismantling themselves from the Holy Father, the head of the Catholic Church. How then will you see beloved children? This I speak to My faithful and My chosen sons and daughters also involved in this movement called schism.

“I assure that this reigning Pope is neither the anti Pope nor the anti Christ. He (anti Pope) is coming soon and will sit on the throne of Peter as a desolate sacrilegious. His reign must come to be that the power and glory of God will come to be known. Yet fear not. I am with you. I will walk with you, I will run with you and I will carry you to skip these moments of darkness. Only Entrust all into My Immaculate Heart. Amen.”

Way back in 2016, warnings of tribulations were already being conveyed to Iveta. On Oct. 14, 2016 during her visit to Batim, Our Lord Jesus told her:

“Beloved children, children of God, I Who Am Jesus of Nazareth, Who laid down My Life for each one of you present here and all those who will hear these Words and heed them, who will embrace the Cross. Now you may understand you are entering heavily, moments of great sorrow, sorrow because man continues to offend their God, I Am He.

“You are at the threshold of a third World War; only prayer can efface this terrible disaster for good and bad will perish in it.”

Meanwhile, I am sharing the latest essage received by mystic Gisella Cardia from Our Lord Jesus on Dec. 30, 2023. The message follows.

“My children, now listen: here is the Light for you. I am the Light, I am the Way, I am the Truth and I am the Life, the Light of Hope.

“Listen to My voice: I see that you do not trust in Me! How many times have you asked Me to put an end to all the bad things that have happened, but I could not, because I had to make your enemies’ masks fall. I wanted to make you see what is good and what is evil. I had to make you realize where the Church is going with well-dressed priests, bishops and cardinals who are beautiful on the outside, but rotten within.

“Brothers and sisters, be at peace. Have faith in Me and My Mercy, but also in My justice that will soon be seen. Look at the signs from heaven! Look at the signs from heaven: I am not saying the times and the day, but these are the end times. Do not trust in dates: only I know the exact date.

I would like you to see the wicked one* perish with your own eyes. You will see very bad things around you, but until the last day I must gather My lost sheep, even the last. That is your mission! Gather even the last of the sheep, and I will be with you: I cannot let even a single soul be lost. Unless, looking around, it now chooses for itself.

“This year has been a preparation for you. But the year to come will be the year of Revelation – but also of joy, because you will see so much. Oh! You will be with me! You are already with me! Your soul is already with me.

I love you, My children, I love you for your faithfulness and I accompany you in your lives. Remember: be ready! I will come like a thief in the night, but you must always be ready. Now I bless you in the name of the Father and my Most Holy Name and that of the Holy Spirit. Peace be with you and in this house. Amen.”

Also, the Blessed Mother had another ominous message for all, coursed through third degree Augustinian stigmatist Luz de Maria de Bonilla on Dec. 27, 2023, as follows.

“Beloved of My Heart: I come to each one of you to ask you for peace, so that you might be bearers of My Divine Son. You still do not understand the urgency of this moment in which you must be at peace with your brother.

“The confusion of God’s people is great, due to not knowing the Hly Scrpture in depth.

“I come to call you to peace, to harmony between peoples at a time when they are rushing towards great armed conflicts and ones concerning health, which I have announced to you, without searching for the background to what is happening. Everything has been planned so that chaos would take over all of humanity, not only through lies, but also by wearing down the body. These are the plans of Satan which, with the actions of his minions on Earth, have accelerated his way of tempting the human race in order to take possession as quickly as possible of everything that belongs to God the Father.

“You are entering into what humanity never thought it would experience.

“This is why you continue not to believe and live scorning what is divine. You will weep for not having believed, for not having prepared and because the churches will be closed.

“My Divine Son is Love and Mercy at all times, but the human race, knowing that sin goes against God, continues to ignore and to offend My Divine Son.

“Some countries will change their geography due to the onslaughts of nature.

“The world’s elite has begun acting in order to take absolute control of humanity and lead man to be the slave of the Devil.

“This is the time for obedience.

“Humanity has disobeyed too much; it has not taken the Calls of the Divine Will seriously, therefore sad events will befall all humanity.

“Nature is acting forcefully at this time and will act with greater force. Not everything related to the force of nature is a matter of science being misused for human projects. Nature has its own force that will make the human race suffer.

“Countries are preparing for war by accumulating weapons and manufacturing them in a hurry in order to have what they need and to cause the greatest harm possible.

“Human beings will migrate to where the climate is less hostile in order to save themselves and produce food. You must know how to sow the land: there will be no food in the supermarkets. You must sow the earth while those who rule the nations have not yet turned to nuclear energy.

“This generation has been determined not to believe in the need for decisive change: they deny My Divine Son, they commit sacrilege in receiving Him while being aware that they are in sin, and they are recalcitrant.

“Persecution towards my favored sons will not be long in coming and will then continue with those who fulfill the Father’s Will.

“The shadows of evil are present in various countries where the works and actions of the children of My Divine Son are contrary to the Divine Will.

“Dear children: The change that this generation needs is an extreme change, an internal transformation where they eliminate all the idols they possess. Conversion must eliminate and uproot everything that keeps you from a true interior path, a change of heart, a renewal within, with a generous spirit.

“Little children, you must consider this: At this moment each of you must know that you are either saved or damned and that there are no intermediate states.

“Beloved children, those who find themselves at an intermediate point should see the seriousness of this time and decide to convert NOW!

“Pray, children, pray for Venezuela. Pray, children, pray for the Middle East. Pray, children, pray for Mexico, it will be forcefully shaken. Pray, children, pray for Italy, it will be shaken.

“Work and act for the good of the soul. Work and act for personal salvation, pray for your brothers and sisters.

“My Maternal Blessing is a dew within you all that refreshes your hearts; allow Me to act. I love you, little children.”


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