Ciar: Pag-amping sa naglagiting nga kainit sa adlaw

Super ka
Ciar: Pag-amping sa naglagiting nga kainit sa adlaw

Giunsa pag-survive sa mga taga-Cebu ang naglagiting nga kainit sa panahon? Nia ang tipik sa tubag sa mga local celebrity nga nahinabi sa Ssssuper Ka!


Miss Hiyas ng Silangan Pilipinas National 1984

Pirmi ko moinom og tubig. Because water cools you down. A coconut halo-halo with fruits or cold cucumber water drink can also be oh so refreshing. It’s better to stay indoors when sun is at its extreme heat. Don’t forget to put sunblock. If possible wear big hats and sunglasses for sun protection. Pray and enjoy the summer.


Miss Universe Philippines 2021- 2nd Runner-Up

Amid the scourging heat, I opt for indoor exercises like yoga, Pilates, or bodyweight workouts to beat the heat while staying active. And never forget to drink plenty of water. As a beach lover myself, I enjoy going to the beach but I make sure not to stay out under the sun for too long. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen regularly. I never leave home without it! So, soak up the sun’s rays, but don’t forget to shield yourself!


Model/ Influencer

Magbawon ko og tubig basta mogawas og balay kay init jud kaayo. I normally drink at least 2 liters of water a day or sometimes coconut water, vegetable or fruit juices as part of my diet. I do daily exercises for 30 minutes just to flex some muscles here and there and do some yoga and meditation for self-care and healing.


MD Internist - Allergologist

T_POT Band Vocalist

The incidence of dehydration, miliaria rubra (heat-related itchy skin rashes) and the dreaded heat stroke are all expected to rise. To mitigate the risk of these adverse pathologic consequences, we encourage everyone to stay hydrated (drink 2.5 to 3 liters of water a day) and whenever possible, please do stay indoors in cool environments to keep thermoregulated. The application of hypoallergenic lotions can also help the skin from drying up. If you need to go outdoor within 9AM to 4PM please do apply sunscreen with SPF 50 for adequate skin protection. Enjoy the summer but be safe always.


Founder of Gaia (Vegan food)

I take light meals and hydrating food that are high in water content like, cucumber, watermelon, and Gaia detox juices. I exercise during early morning or late evening when humidity is below the heat index. If there’s a need to go outdoors, I apply a high-SPF sunscreen, even if it’s cloudy, to protect my skin from harmful UV rays. And I wear loose-fitting clothing and use soft bed linen, for a comfortable night’s sleep.


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