Ngayon, luluhod ang isang tala!

HE ASKED for his mom’s permission to say yes to a last fight on the ring.

That was two encounters ago.

It was then that I decided to stop writing about this famous boxer’s career and exploits, as if he’d care, or anyone would for that matter. Here I am, back again on the computer, tapping on the keyboard and coming with another of my “great” views about PacMan.

There’s no denying it, Manny Pacquiao is an international star. His fan base has grown tremendously after ach and after boxer he has taken down in the ring, and this includes not only the everyday man but also the celebrities from the silver screen and the sporting arena.

Maybe more than any other Pinoys, PacMan’s face have graced the most covers of numerous publications from all over. He is, after all, the first man to be eight-division world champion, the first man to win the lineal championship in four different weight classes, the "Fighter of the Decade" for the 2000s, the three-time The Ring and BWAA "Fighter of the Year" and the "number one" pound-for-pound best boxer in the world.

So, does it still surprise you why everyone is in awe of this Filipino pugilist?

His acclaims don’t end there. In the local scene, he is a politician, a show host, an endorser to numerous consumer products, an actor, a singer and recording artist, a proud Ferrari driver, a family man and THE son to Mommy Dionisia, probably the only other person who can match him punch per punch in the popularity ring.

Yes, Mommy Dionisia, is a star in her own right and the driving force of PacMan’s. One must take into account what this woman has contributed to his beloved son’s glory. Dionisia is a mother, first and foremost, she prefers to be in absentia during Manny’s fights for no mother can stand the sight of her son getting punched and bleed. From afar, she would be on her knees, hands raised clasping the rosary, eyes shut, forehead creased and voicing her prayers during his son’s bouts, there is also the before and after novenas.

Her prayers are always heard and Manny gets to retain or take home another belt to add to his collection. The son, in turn, shares his prized winnings by giving her what she wasn’t able to enjoy in the past- a home she can call her own, see the world, dance to her heart’s delight, host grand celebrations and luxuriate in beautiful things- clothes, jewelry and the orange (I thought she wanted green?) Hermes bag included. In hindsight, the gifts’ worth will pale in comparison to what she went through raising a family as a single mother, that’s priceless.

But how much might does our boxing star hold in his gloves? Is there a worthy challenger?

Today, Manny Pacquiao will be facing an opponent he has traded punches with twice in the past. They call this fight with Juan Manuel Marquez a dream rematch because the 2004 fight ended in a draw and the 2008, the second face-off, our man won via a split-decision. Marquez felt robbed of the title. Maybe Marquez wants to be KOed to get a closure.

In the meantime, while the boxing fans and enthusiasts will be glued to the small and big screens, having parties in the different parts of the globe, enjoying the oneness of the Pinoys and peace in the nation (I must admit only Manny Pacquiao has done this and has done so with each and every fight he had) and cheering the fighting Congressman from Sarangani, Mommy Dionisia will once again be on her knees, praying for her son’s safety and triumph.

Sa oras na ito, nakaluhod ang isang tala!


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