VP Sara Duterte denounces coordinated black propaganda

VP Sara Duterte denounces coordinated black propaganda
Inday Sara Duterte/Facebook

VICE President Sara Duterte has strongly condemned the escalating "black propaganda" directed at her, characterizing it as a coordinated and malicious effort to tarnish her integrity. 

In a video message shared on her official social media accounts on Thursday, March 7, Duterte labeled these attacks as “more intense, outrageous, and desperate.”

She described it as an unsavory aspect of politics, used as a weapon by individuals aiming to undermine the country's improvement efforts.

“Nagiging mas matindi, mapangahas, at desperado na ang mga paninira sa akin ngayon. Bahagi ang mga ito ng isang organisadong demolition job na ang layunin ay sirain ang aking integridad at gumawa ng imahe na ako ay isang mamamatay-tao, na corrupt, abusado, taksil at isang war lord (The attacks against me are becoming more intense, daring, and desperate. These are part of an organized demolition job with the aim of tarnishing my integrity and crafting an image portraying me as a murderer, corrupt, abusive, traitorous, and a warlord),” the Vice President said.

She pointed to various instances, such as controversies surrounding confidential funds, traffic disruptions on Commonwealth Avenue, security arrangements for her office, and accusations of her involvement in the Davao Death Squad (DDS)

Duterte also addressed allegations of receiving guns from Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy and attempts to undermine her marital relationship. 

Additionally, she highlighted online scams falsely claiming her involvement in scholarship programs.

She stated that attempts to ruin her reputation aim to instill doubt, shame, and demoralization. Additionally, she emphasized that these efforts seek to hinder success in initiatives for the education of Filipino youth and safeguarding their future from the threats of corruption, criminality, illegal drugs, and terrorism.

Expressing gratitude to her supporters, the Vice President vowed to persevere in her role despite these personal attacks. 

Duterte urged the public to recognize that these smear campaigns conceal personal and political interests that do not align with the welfare of the nation.

“Tandaan po natin na ang mga paninirang ito ay nagkukubli ng mga personal at politikal na interes. At ang mga ito ay hindi ninyo interes, hindi interes ng bayan, hindi ito interes ng Pilipinas (Remember that these attacks hide personal and political interests. They are not your interests, not the interests of the nation, and not the interests of the Philippines),” she ended.

In previous statements, Duterte had refuted her involvement in the DDS, a controversial group linked to her father, former President Rodrigo Duterte. She also denied receiving bags from Pastor Quiboloy. RGL

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