Valderrama: Anything can just happen

Maria Gemima C. Valderrama
Maria Gemima C. Valderrama

THE Kathniel love story is a chapter closed, and it shook us. The earthquake that rocked Davao City and the other areas in Mindanao on Saturday evening literally shook us too. The commonality between these events is obvious: Anything can just happen.

This is not just about the Kathniel issue. No one knows the truth of their separation, and everything remains a speculation. However, they are not spared from a complicated and monotonous relationship.

All of life is peaks and valleys. We are all vulnerable.

Like Kathniel and any relationship, when we trust the other, we open up everything, including our experiences, thoughts, secrets, failures, and successes. We rely heavily on emotional support. When we trust too much, we become vulnerable to deception and manipulation.

It’s important to have boundaries in any relationship to ensure both parties feel respected and understood. Without fitting boundaries, the relationship becomes unhealthy.

The Kathniel separation is a manifestation that everything can change. Even a loving relationship can change, especially when its foundation is not strong enough to survive challenges and changes.

While many were stunned by the confirmation of the Kathniel breakup, which eventually became the center of serious topics and light jokes, a strong earthquake rocked some places in Mindanao, making us feel that it was more than the Kathniel and any other breakup.

The shaking made people scamper for safety. Luckily, we just stepped out from the elevator on the 5th floor of a building when the earthquake happened. We were heading to the car when we felt the shaking, and in an instant, people ran to the middle of the street.

Just like that. Anything can happen.

Today, you are so alive. Tomorrow, you can just experience your worst nightmare.

We can be at the top of a building celebrating and enjoying or at the peak of our career leading a team, but something would jolt us to take us down.

What if you were on the 10th floor when an earthquake occurred? What if you needed to end the 11-year relationship you had? Anything can happen, but everything can bear good results if we focus on the positive impact.

An earthquake will display our love for our loved ones when we protect them as we protect ourselves. If we are away from them, we can call them immediately to know if they are okay.  We show we care. An earthquake, while alarming and scary, can somehow bring us closer to our loved ones.

A breakup will make us realize what we have disregarded in our lives when we were so focused on the relationship. Sometimes, when we love, we give too much of ourselves and leave only a small degree of independence. And when the relationship is over, we realize there is so much to grow as a person.

All of the recent events boil down to one thing: Anything can happen, but life goes on.

Only a well-lived life can satisfy the yearnings of our hearts.

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