Quiboloy sets 17 conditions for Senate inquiry attendance

DAVAO. Kingdom of Jesus Christ founder Pastor Apollo Quiboloy.
DAVAO. Kingdom of Jesus Christ founder Pastor Apollo Quiboloy.SMNI File photo

EMBATTLED Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC) founder and leader Pastor Apollo Quiboloy has set 17 conditions in order for him to attend the Senate inquiry into alleged crimes committed within his religious organization.

In an audio recording, Quiboloy said among his conditions were:

1. Unmask and show the full faces of witnesses, no mask, no dark eyeglasses, no caps, bonnets or head covering of any kind.

2. Reveal witnesses’ true name and identity with recent valid photo IDs, reveal the identity and real name with photo ID of your scriptwriters.

3. You must sign a notarized waiver of rights of your arbitrary lawyer.

4. You must sign a notarized waiver of your immunity rights.

5. Do not restrict my answer to any questions to a mere “yes” or “no.”

6. No Limit of time for me to ask or answer questions.

7. I retain my right, to only answer questions that are necessary under my discretion.

8. I retain the right to personally cross examine your witnesses that includes you, Madam Chair (Risa Hontiveros).

9. You must reveal the real amount that you paid to these witnesses whether, by way of cash, ATM, Credit Card, GCash, etc. It must be attested and signed by your witnesses including sources of funds, whether personal or government-related funds.

10. Provide a notarized letter of assurance signed by you and the Senate President that there is no collusion between you and the Senate leadership, with the US government, FBI, CIA, US Embassy, State Department Security Officer from Marcos government to illegally arrest me through provisionary or extraordinary rendition that includes kidnapping and assassination with the assurance in written form that your invitation for me to attend the hearings is not a trick to trap me to execute with two corresponding reward of 2 million US dollars and that I am able to go back to Davao City without harm.

11. You must allow my 50 security personnel, including a number of police and AFP officers, to attend the hearing and secure my perimeter.

12. You must allow me to bring my own witnesses to testify against your witnesses (no time limit).

13. It must be your own responsibility to secure safety clearance from ATO and Caap for my private jet to take off and land from Davao International Airport to Manila Airport and vice versa smoothly and without trouble in compliance also of condition no. 10 of this set of conditions.

14. All expenses incurred from this trip, including private jet flight back and forth, with parking in NAIA, food according to my dietary requirements, and fees for accommodation in a five-star hotel for me and my party must be shouldered by your office.

15. This set conditions must be duly signed by the President of the Philippines and Speaker of the House of Representatives, Martin Romualdez.

16. Send to me that written answers to this set of conditions two days before the rescheduled hearing with your signature.

17. Failure to comply to this set of conditions forfeits your chance of my expository attendance, thus rendering your Senate hearing a big joke of shameful charlatans and a shallow exposition of a bunch of idiotic parroting mindless, pathological liars paid and taught by their deceiving lying masters just to read a poorly prepared type written narrative of hellish lies. What a gross embarrassment and insult to the intelligence of decent, dignified, critical thinking people, from which for the sake of sanity we should avoid like a plague.

In a press conference, Senator Risa Hontiveros slammed Quiboloy and his 17 conditions, saying it is more than the 10 commandments of God.

“We will not bend its rules and procedures for you even if you are as you say a self-appointed son of God. Hindi kami para utusan mo. You will not mock the system of checks and balances during our watch and this is not up for debate,” she said.

Hontiveros said Quiboloy’s conditions are “out of this world.”

DAVAO. Kingdom of Jesus Christ founder Pastor Apollo Quiboloy.
Senators urged: Remain steadfast in pursuit of truth, justice in Quiboloy case

Quiboloy is facing two congressional investigations, one over the involvement of KJC’s broadcasting arm, SMNI, to the proliferation of fake news before the House of Representatives and over the crimes, such as rape, human trafficking and other abuses within KJC by the Senate Committee on Women, Children, Family Relations and Gender Equality.

He refused to attend either of the hearings, prompting lawmakers to issue subpoena against him.

Hontiveros, in a hearing last week, cited Quiboloy in contempt but it was blocked by Senator Robin Padilla.

DAVAO. Kingdom of Jesus Christ founder Pastor Apollo Quiboloy.
Davao police to collaborate with law enforcement agencies in arresting Quiboloy

So far, four senators, including Padilla, signed in to support objecting the issuance of an arrest order against Quiboloy.

DAVAO. Kingdom of Jesus Christ founder Pastor Apollo Quiboloy.
Ejercito withdraws signature from letter opposing Quiboloy’s arrest

Hontiveros said she respects the position of her colleagues but she expressed belief that the call to call of the hearings on the matter has no basis.

Meanwhile, Hontiveros said the recent appointment of former President Rodrigo Duterte as the new administrator of KJC properties indicates the intertwined interests of Quiboloy and Duterte.

Hontiveros said he believes that this move may serve as indication that Quiboloy is preparing to flee the country amid accusations of rape, torture, and other crimes.

She urged the Bureau of Immigration to secure all the ports of exits of the country to prevent Quiboloy from leaving.

Quboloy earlier claimed that the US and Philippine governments are working for his elimination amid the criminal charges he is facing abroad. (TPM/SunStar Philippines)


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